Business cards again.

So I have designs some business cards for April so that she has more, she was excited about the prospect of having her own stationary so i feel like this will take me further.


Another one.

I have been given a 10 hour project from a photographer, She is looking for a logo design for her business plan for uni but the deadline was midnight.

I actually enjoyed the time restraint and did some really nice work. It was nice that I could expand my skills and use illustrations to design this logo. She was very happy with the outcome and posted it over her social media and this will lead to more work for me which i am happy about.



I have finished phils logo and business card and had that printed for him. I didn’t have much time on this one so spent a solid week on this for him. I was happy with the design and so was he in return he fitted my oven in my new flat.

I have currently come to an end of all my clients work, I don’t have any other things that I need to do. I am going to focus on the sketchbook now to explain the case studies.

web theory


So i have finally finished the mock up design for my web site and now need to send it in for user testing i am happy with it the only problem is there won’t be much code in the website to make the code interesting.


I do find that it is effective thought. but will have to see what feedback i get from this.

Matt Pell


I have began to build the text into the video, it had been a huge amount of trial and error at this stage and do feel like i have ventured away from my original timeline for what i planned to do but the more i am learning the more interesting i am finding things and the further i want to push my abilities.

I have also found that the illustrations have also began to be moved around and not stay in there original place, but again this is due to me learning as i am going along with this.

I think if i was to do this again i would have to do more extensive research into all the effects that are available before i decide on a time line.